„Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change!“

Stephen Hawking

CHANGE - Today‘s Organizational & Leadership Core-Competence!

Sustainable CHANGE, progress and development can only happen – on a personal, professional and organizational level – when human power and energy can be used for and focused on creativity, creation of meaning and cultivating of relationships.

beChange & Company – beChange & Company was formed out of the desire to provide CHANGE SOLUTIONS for Organizations, Leaders and Teams, to create SUSTAINABILITY in “Success & Efficiency” and “Engagement & Personal Fulfilment”.

The CONCEPT – The concept is based on the strengths-oriented DEVELOPMENT of Leadership Intelligence” and the FRAMING of „Results & Cooperation”. It supports the management, leaders and teams to identify the success factors for dealing with “Digitization & Change” whilst achieving and implementing „Practicable Solutions focused on feasible ways” and „Measurable Results producing sustainability”. Digitization is not about data, figures, facts and technique – it’s about people, it’s the human factor that makes the difference! … and which will be trend-setting for the well-being of your organization, leaders and teams.

Change Intelligently



ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE – What are the factors that will make your CHANGE become successful or lead to failure?

How do STRENGTHENING or STRESSES & STRAINS of your key-resources “Organization & People” impact your CHANGE in being successful with your CHANGE process?

FRAMING “Conscious NAVIGATION through CHANGE”  – Our aim is to make your CHANGE Situation VISIBLE, MEASURABLE and CONTROLLABLE . We would like to empower you to consciously merge and harmonize the success factors for the management of “Organization & People”  and create sustainability and efficiency.

Change Competence



STABILITY during CHANGE – What is your TOP Strengths that empowers you to stay open, flexible and successful during CHANGE?

What empowers you to establish TRUST and to lead your organization, colleagues, teams and employees safe and highly committed through CHANGE with favorable results?

KNOW & BE AUTHENTIC – When you UNDERSTAND the origin of your major potential, why you lead, how you lead and what exactly provides you with inner strengths, stability and trust, you will be enabled to lead „Authentically & Reliably & Goal-Oriented“.

You can make use of your full potential, sharing CLARITY and creating „Efficiency & Fulfillment & Innovation“

Change Excellence



CO-CREATING CHANGE – How do you inspire your teams to deal naturally with external and internal influencing factors of CHANGE and to co-design the CHANGE process constructively?

What if the way “HOW” we estimate CHANGE as a team, would be the crucial factor for success?

COMMITMENT – What makes the difference? Co-Operative Communication & Interaction based on the FUNDAMENT of „Sincerity & Assertiveness“ will lead organizations, leaders and employees  to stretch outside their Comfort-Zone – to the point of WE, to „Tolerance & Obligation & Self-Commitment“ and the implementation of a constructive „Conflict- and Communication Style“.


Current publications

Springer Gabler Verlag: Specialist Book has been published in 2016: „Individual Development: Growing by Transformation“

PM World Journal: Published article in June 2017 „Leadership & Change!“